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Here is your course material for Finding the Phoenix. Each lesson has a video that you can watch and rewatch as much as you want. Some parts of the course also include materials that you can download. The support documents will enhance your experience.

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Finding the Phoenix Video #1: A Course in Self-Discovery- Introduction

VIDEO TIME:  0:17.04

Finding the Phoenix Video #2 Dream Work 1/The Mystery of Dreaming

VIDEO TIME: 1:06:26

Finding the Phoenix Video #3 Dream Work 2/Messages from the Gods

VIDEO TIME: 1:21:59

Finding the Phoenix Video #4 Expressive Arts/Revealing Your Inner Being

VIDEO TIME: 01:07:08

Finding the Phoenix Video #5 Mysticism, Anomalous Experiences and Magic Questionnaires 

VIDEO TIME: 0:47:15

Finding the Phoenix Video #6 Connecting with Nature/The Gateway to the Numinous

VIDEO TIME: 1:17:04

Finding the Phoenix Video #7 Neo-shamanic Technique/Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

VIDEO TIME: 0:59:20

Finding the Phoenix Video #8 Personal Mythology/Narrating Your Heroic Journey

VIDEO TIME: 1:16:36