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You can find YouTube links to informative presentations and instructional videos. The School House is a new feature on our site and we hope that it will be both useful and enjoyable. Simply click on the link you want and enjoy. If you have questions, please let us hear them through the Contact page on this website. Look out for new videos coming over the next few months.


                      In what ways can Neo-shamanic practice evolve into a spirituality that embraces an expanded conception of the Sacred? This presentation discusses the differences between Neo-shamanism and Traditional Shamanism, the basic principles of Neo-shamanic beliefs, and the benefits of Neo-shamanic practice reported by actual practitioners, including an improved alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit.

We’ve learned from the study of epigenetics that trauma can modify human DNA so that the genetic memory is passed down through multiple generations. This means that if one of your ancestors experienced either a personal or collective trauma that memory lives within our own DNA and can be triggered by external factors.

Neo-shamanic practice has the potential to allow us to communicate with our deceased ancestors to help them overcome the wounding of the trauma they experienced thus releasing us and them from its legacy of fear, hatred, and diminished identity.

Discovering and Engaging Your Superpowers

Recording of November 18, 2023 webinar (LINK TO VIDEO)


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