Institute of Emerging Psychologies

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Institute of Emerging Psychologies!

We are an interdisciplinary educational institution deeply rooted in the arts and humanities, and based on the psychological teachings of William James, Carl Jung, and James Hillman.

Our classes and consulting provide tools for alchemical self-discovery including Mythology, Transgenerational Studies, Expressive Arts, Neo-shamanic Studies, and Interdimensionality Studies.  We encourage you to discover and engage your “superpowers” and to ask the questions that could change your worldview, and subsequently your way of being in the world.

The core of our work is designed to provide students with the tools and experiences they need to acquire gnosis – the alchemical gateway to fulfillment of what Hillman referred to as the “soul’s purpose” (1996.)

At a time that seems to be dominated by technology, artificial intelligence, the deterioration of community and human connections and the resulting anomie, our work is aimed at re-humanizing our way of being in the world and re-connecting with one another – and ourselves.

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Wishing you fulfillment!

Dr. Karel James Bouse


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