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Neo-shamanism and Mental Health

2019. Palgrave McMillan

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Review Snippets:

“Here is solid background, practical usage, moving examples of the amazement which can occur. One finds research results. One finds stories. You will surely learn something remarkable whether this path is for you or not.”

Ruth Richards, MD. Ph.D

“In this remarkable book, Karel James Bouse…differentiates traditional shamanism from Neo-shamanism, the latter being more amendable for incorporating these practices into contemporary psychotherapy, counseling and other mental health services…Grounded in Dr. Bouse’s own research, these practices provide an alternative worldview that places one’s problems in a new perspective, one that may allow for a more successful resolution.”

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D

“Dr. Bouse’s book is an essential read for anyone who is a counselor or psychotherapist…Anyone who helps other people, or wants to, should consider this book.

Jacquie Lewis, Ph.D

transgenerational colonialism300x450

Transgenerational Colonialism: Wounding, Overcoming, and the Reconstruction of Collective and Personal Identity

2021. Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield)

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In Transgenerational Colonialism, Karel James Bouse offers an alternative and holistic model for the analysis of colonialism and its effects on humanity. Using the current anti-colonialist struggle in Northern Ireland as a representative case study, Bouse illustrates her theoretical model by tracing the onset of trauma to the eventual overcoming period, evidenced by a cultural renaissance, a reconstruction of collective positive identity, and political self-determination. This book is recommended for students and scholars of psychology, history, political science, and cultural studies, as well as those interested in the cyclical nature of colonial experience.

Karel James Bouse calls for a radically new epistemology…She calls for a perspective that is cyclical, not linear – one that sees humans as part of nature, not dominant over their environment, one that heals wounds rather than inciting additional conflict. Drawing upon history, psychology, mythology and arts-based inquiry, Bouse has issued a clarion call for a world and worldview in which everyone will benefit…”

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D

Finding the Phoenix 350x450

Finding the Phoenix: Seven Tools for Transformative Self-Discovery

2022. Balboa Books.

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A journal of self-discovery, Finding the Phoenix, by author Dr. Karel James Bouse introduces seven tools for transformative self-discovery, including how to deconstruct one’s lenses, consciousness and identity; use expressive arts to access hidden elements of the self; connect with nature from a mystical perspective; find the meaning of your dreams; use Neo-shamanic techniques for interdimensional self-exploration, demystify anomalous experiences and phenomena; and construct a personal mythology to discover your life purpose.

Used synergistically, these tools facilitate a deep, personal investigation that bridges and integrates the conscious

“Finding the Phoenix is one of those rare books that combines deep spiritual insight with academic integrity to create a course structure that is genuinely helpful to any seeker on the path to personal growth and expanded awareness. Drawing on her years of experience and extensive education, Dr. Bouse guides us into the ancient animistic worldview on a path informed by modern psychological research.”

Diotima Mantineia

“Superbly organized, replete with authentic examples, and wide-ranging in scope, this is the one book you’ll want as you embark on your journey of personal growth…Dr. Bouse introduces a set of down-to-earth transformational tools for self-discovery, with each step well explained and doable.”

Arthur J. Stewart

“Finding the Phoenix is an impressive and truly comprehensive program for anyone who is interested in a more profound exploration of self and how we make meaning of the human experience…brilliant and masterful, creating a seamless tapestry of self-discovery, artistic expression, expanded consciousness and academic rigor.”

Sarah T. (Psychotherapist)


The following items are available for purchase through the Institute of Emerging Psychologies

Finding the Phoenix:  (1) $9.99 for Guided meditation download

All of the guided meditations included in Finding the Phoenix are available as a download for your personal use as you progress through the exercises in the book.

Interactive Lecture Series:

Seven interactive 60+ minute video lectures with downloadable exercises and worksheets.  Covers Dreamwork,  Expressive Arts,  Anomalous Phenomena, Connecting with Nature, and Neo-shamanic Technique.