Institute of Emerging Psychologies

Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

The mission of IEP is to encourage research, education and dissemination of information in the areas of consciousness studies, parapsychology, para-anthropology, anomalous phenomena and alternative therapies. We maintain that the answers to many of our questions – and ultimately the source of our own self-knowledge – lie beyond the confines of the material world perceived through sensory cognition. Fortunately, there are a growing number of academics and scientists who are exploring these unseen worlds and new techniques of inquiry-based in standard scientific protocols and professional academic practice. Our intent is to be a resource through which interested people in all walks of life can remain informed about the work being done in these fields that lay just outside of the mainstream.


“Every time we work together I am able to unlock and integrate some piece of myself that I have lost or trapped…Starting on this path has been life transforming…”

Palmer From Austin, TX


“I learned so much about psychology, shamanism, myself and so much more…Stimulate your intellect while awakening your spiritual self at the same time.”

Julie from Greensboro, NC


“What an incredible and Divine gift to bring the unconscious mind into the conversations and situations of modern life…”

H. Sloan from Tellico Plains, TN


The courses and classes offered by the Institute of Esoteric Psychology are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for psychotherapy. Dr. Bouse is not a licensed psychotherapist, and the services offered by IEP are not therapeutic in nature.