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Did you know that you are a magician with the ability to transform your world by changing yourself?

This course is the first in the Phoenix Program – a program of Self-discovery, transformation and magic. The Phoenix is the mythological bird that symbolizes transformation because of its ability to arise from its own ashes in a new and glorious form. But before you can move forward you must first find the Phoenix, and for that you need specific tools. Since this course provides you with the tools that you will need, it is a pre-requisite to subsequent courses in the Phoenix Program.

There are 7 video classes (plus an Introduction) in this course. Each class is designed to introduce you to a technique that will help you to bridge normal waking consciousness with the wisdom and scope of the personal and collective unconscious. Each 75-90 minute video includes interactive exercises, downloadable written class materials (including glossaries, references, exercise instructions and resources), and an informative, accessible talk by author, psychologist, educator and consultant Dr. Karel James Bouse. These classes provide you with the tools of Dream Work, Expressive Arts, Connecting with Nature, Anomalous Experiences, Neo-shamanic Techniques and Personal Mythology. Are you ready for an amazing adventure?

All materials in Finding the Phoenix are © Dr. Karel James Bouse and the Institute of Esoteric Psychology.

VIDEO #1 - Introduction/ The Phoenix – Symbol of Transformation

In this brief overview of the course, you’ll learn about the contents of the classes, and particularly the tools you’ll discover to help you find your authentic self and enrich your everyday life.

Video #2 – Dream Work I/The Mystery of Dreaming

Throughout human existence, people have looked to dreams for wisdom, prophecy, healing, and messages from the gods. Learn how to remember your dreams, deconstruct them to determine their meanings, and examine their own personal meaning-making apparatus. News Flash! No book or person can tell you what your dreams mean. You and only you can determine their meaning. This class gets you started.

Video #3 – Dream Work II/Messages from the Gods

Now that you’ve got the basic fundamentals of working with your dreams, here is where you’ll learn more about the mechanics of dream deconstruction and analysis for personal interpretation and meaning. The class provides a formula for personal dream analysis, dream diagramming, dream re-entry, Dream Theater and the Ullman
Method of dream analysis (great in small groups!).

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Video #4 – Expressive Arts/Revealing Your Inner Being

Do you remember how much fun it was to sing, dance, finger paint, create plays, and tell stories when you were a child?

Now that you’re an adult making art with a child’s sense of play and personal expression is liberating and has the capacity to enable you to release deep memories and feelings.

In this magical world of play the expressive arts (a/k/a creative expression) help us to release blocks and deep emotions as well as re-frame memories of events in our lives. This helps to clear the pathway to growth and shift our perspective.

This class is an exploration of the modalities of expressive arts – Visual Arts, Music, Movement, Poetry, Storytelling and Drama – and how they can enrich your everyday life. You don’t have to be an artist or trained professional – just grab your crayons and some paper and have at it!

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Video #5 – Close Encounters and Anomalous Experiences

Have you ever had the sense that there is a world filled with extraordinary beings – aliens, spirit guides, elves and fairies, miraculous creatures, ancestors, saints, and gods – that exists just beyond the limits of your physical senses?

Have you ever encountered ghosts or spirits, had premonitions or prophetic dreams or had experiences that you just can’t explain? This class delves deeply into the realm of the anomalous phenomena that inhabit dreams, journeys, and so-called hauntings and close-encounters in a way that demystifies them by broadening the parameters of our acknowledged awareness. This is a chance to explore the outer reaches of consciousness, from the framework of altered states, mysticism and super-normal phenomena. Are you brave enough to explore the world beyond matter with us?

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Video #6 – Connecting with Nature/The Gateway to the Numinous

What is it about spending time outdoors surrounded by Nature that is so uplifting, healing and rejuvenating? Who among us has not experienced the incomparable richness, beauty, peace, awe and power of the natural world?

We are at a time when increasing numbers of people are reconnecting with the natural world and recognizing that humanity is neither separate nor superior to it. Rather we are part of it, and if we only stop to watch, listen, sense and breathe we begin to remember that connection to Nature that lives in the heart of us.

This video provides you with exercises and resources to help you learn how to re-discover and deepen your connection to the natural world – which is the universe in microcosm and is (to the wise ones) the doorway to the world of Spirit.

The turning point for many is that magical point in time when they have the realization that everything in Nature is an expression of The Sacred.

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Video #7 – Neo-shamanic Technique/Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

What does the term “shaman” mean to you? Most likely you envision a tribal person wearing feathers and furs who is capable of great magic. But did you know that we all have an inner shaman ready to guide us toward healing, enhanced perception and ancient wisdom?

Shamanism is not a religion, but a technique that has been used globally and cross-culturally since the Paleolithic.

Neo-shamanism is the mastery and use of this ancient technology by contemporary people from cultures that do not embrace the shamanic world view. And even though you might not be a “shaman” in the traditional sense, the technique used by shamans from the beginning of time is available to you for your own self-exploration and spiritual unfolding.

This class teaches you the fundamentals of the Neo-shamanic technique and provides some guidelines regarding how you can use it for your Phoenix journey. Once you enter the shaman’s universe you will be changed forever.

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Video #8 – Personal Mythology/Narrating Your Heroic Journey

Did you know that you have within you a hero who has powers that enable you to overcome challenges, face your deepest fears and emerge triumphant from those trials?

Anyone who has seen Star Wars or countless other films in which the Heroic Self emerges to enable an average person to transform the world around them will recognize the theme of what mythologist Joseph Campbell (who incidentally was mentor to George Lucas) called the Hero’s Journey.

The practice of Personal Mythology incorporates Jungian principles to help you to document your mundane life, experience heroic transformation, and write the script for your future life as an individuated, self-actualized, and powerful entity.

This class will provide you with exercises and resources to help you along this exciting path of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. In the myths, when the hero hears the call they must heed it.

Be prepared for the blast of re-creating yourself in your heroic image!

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The courses and classes offered by the Institute of Esoteric Psychology are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for psychotherapy. Dr. Bouse is not a licensed psychotherapist, and the services offered by IEP are not therapeutic in nature.