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Institute of Esoteric Psychology Page    
News on general findings and events about parapsychology, para-anthropology, anomalous phenomena, alternative psychology  and other “mysteries.”


Institute of Esoteric Psychology Group  
Up to the minute findings, events and links about anomalous phenomena, alternative practices (including psychedelic research), and all things strange and intriguing.


Neo-shamanism and Mental Health
Blogs, discussions and information relevant to Neo-shamanism, its practice, philosophy and benefits in therapeutic practice and parapsychological research.


Transgenerational Colonialism
Blogs, discussions and information about research (including epigenetics and ancestral therapies), influence on personal and collective psychology, and fresh perspective on current conflicts.


Finding the Phoenix
Blogs, discussions and information about The Phoenix Program including information about online courses and workshops.


The courses and classes offered by the Institute of Esoteric Psychology are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for psychotherapy. Dr. Bouse is not a licensed psychotherapist, and the services offered by IEP are not therapeutic in nature.